Top 5 Myths About Modern Cosmetics

Make-up has come a long way since its origin. Cosmetics that are widely known today were not so common yesterday. Similarly, the products we use today may not be here tomorrow. Today it is all about style that is healthy and economical. Staying healthy is the major concern therefore people are now increasingly relying on mineral real sable fur eyelashes factory. If basic cosmetics are organic in nature, such as mineral foundation, you can save yourself from a lot of harm causing chemicals.

real sable fur eyelashes factory
real sable fur eyelashes factory

Hgoet The modern cosmetics available in the market today have many stories and myths associated with them. Most of them are totally false, but still believed to be true. A few of them are listed below:

• Cosmeceutical are better than other cosmetic companies: A general perception about this may be that the word cosmeceutical would be a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals so it has to be better for the real sable fur eyelashes factory. However, this may not be true. More pharmaceuticals may also mean more chemicals and eventually, more harm to your skin. Likewise, according to FDA, there is no such thing as “cosmeceutical”. It is just a marketing term used to attract the audience. Watch out!

• Everything that is recommended by dermatologists has to work: This may be another marketing term to attract the target audience. Not every product that lists ‘dermatologists tested’ may actually be tested by dermatologists. In fact, very little number of such products is in reality tested by the dermatologists themselves.

• Natural products are undoubtedly the best products: Although this may be surprising to a lot of people, but not all natural ingredients in cosmetics might be good for your skin. There are a lot of natural products which may generate some kind of itching on your real sable fur eyelashes factory. Moreover, just because a product lists that it is natural does not mean that it has to be natural.

• All allergic symptoms might be cured from hypoallergenic products: The reasoning to prove this myth wrong is just common sense. How can be your skin type and allergies be similar to the other people? You might have some common allergies but not all might be common. Similarly, what may suit anyone else might not suit you. Just because a product is hypoallergenic, it does not mean it will cure all your allergies. Keep in mind that different allergies will be cured by different products.

real sable fur eyelashes factory
real sable fur eyelashes factory

• Mineral oil is not good for real sable fur eyelashes factory: This myth may be commonly observed among people because they might believe mineral oil is derived from crude oil and it will smother the skin as it will create an oil layer on your skin. This is completely wrong! There are no safer cosmetics other than these organic products. They do keep the air away from the skin but that is a general behavior of any antioxidant product. The skin does not suffocate at all! Similarly, such products are also very good healers as they are made up of organic ingredients therefore; no other cosmetics are safer than these cosmetics.

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